Procedure for Submission and Consideration of Customer’s Complaints

Procedure for Submission and Consideration of Customer’s Complaints Offshore Reserve sh.a, aims at providing and developing bank services with high professional standards, consistent with the individual needs and concerns of every single customer. The quality of the services we offer is our basic priority. If, for any reason you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to be useful to you in such cases, we ask you to submit a written complaint to the Bank considering the following:
Who can submit a complaint?
We will answer all the complaints of our customers. We advise you, if possible, firstly to approach our Bank officers at the office where you were served. The issue may be an operative one to be solved on site.

Where you can submit a complaint?
1. At the Headquarter address of Offshore Reserve;
2. Via e-mail at e-mail address:

The complaint will be immediately taken into consideration after it has been received by Offshore Reserve, and if it is sent on a non-working day for the Bank, it will be dealt with on the next working day.

What should the complaint contain?
Your complaint should contain:
• Your name; If you are a representative of an entity please indicate the name and NIPT of the entity;
• Your permanent address/address for correspondence, phone number, e-mail;
• Description of the reason for the complaint. Important: Offshore Reserve will not consider anonymous complaints. In order to be useful to you to the highest degree your complaint has to be clearly formulated and written in European or English. You shall attach to it all available documents supporting your complaint.

For your convenience we have drawn up a template form which we advice you to use.
• Complaint;
• Litigation of transactions with Offshore Reserve bank cards (for transactions in Saudi Arabia, cross-borders and via Internet transactions)

How will we proceed with your complaint?
• We will immediately direct it for consideration to the competent employees;
• We will objectively consider your complaint, taking into account all the facts and circumstances;
• If needed we will contact you for additional data and documents;
• We will prepare an objective and facts grounded within a reasonable time.
• If your request lies beyond our competence we will inform you, if possible, of the steps you should take;