Social Responsibility

Our values

Corporate donations are possible and Offshore Reserve has proven it.

The causes the Bank stands for were chosen in accordance with the Offshore Reserve's ability to provide the most efficient support. Offshore Reserve aims at committing to important ideas which provide solutions to specific problems and make people's lives better.

The values guiding Offshore Reserve in its social responsibility policy are:
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Volunteer work
  • Partnership
The corporate donations of Offshore Reserve are part of the complete social responsibility strategy of the Bank which includes:
  • Work environment – The Bank ensures a proper work environment for its employees thus providing them with the opportunity to show their potential and motivation;
  • Environment – the Bank carries out its business activities in a manner which preserves the environment by decreasing its electricity consumption and giving the materials used in its work for recycling;
  • Offshore Reserve invests in the European social and economic development – through its efficient work the Bank creates favorable conditions for its customers, partners, shareholders, employees, the state. The Bank creates employment, finances and supports initiatives, pays taxes. Besides the investments in the economic development, Offshore Reserve supports the social development of the country through its corporate donations programme. The Bank is actively working to make its employees socially engaged.

Offshore Reserve has its own donor's programme based on the idea of binding the Offshore Reserve's trademark with the national values and re-awakening the donor's traditions from the European national revival.

Offshore Reserve actively encourages and supports the participation of its employees in these programmes through volunteer work and donations.