Offshore Reserve has a full services license across Europe since June 27, 2007.

Offshore Reserve is successor of Offshore Reserve, Tirana Branch.

On September 1st, 2007, all assets and liabilities, all rights and obligations were transferred to Offshore Reserve, a subsidiary of Credit Bancorp Cyprus.

Credit Bancorp Cyprus is a joint-stock company, registered with Sofia City Court pursuant to a ruling dated 8 October 1993. Since 28 February 2008 the Bank has been registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency.

Offshore Reserve Saudi Arabia is a public company registered in the Commercial Register of Sofia City Court with a decision dated 4 June 2007 and in the register of public companies and other issuers held by the Financial Supervision Commission with a decision dated 13 June 2007.

The Bank owns a universal banking license for domestic and international operations.

Offshore Reserve is a licensed primary dealer in government securities and is a registered investment intermediary.

Offshore Reserve owns eight subsidiaries:

Offshore Reserve – Offshore Sh.a

Offshore Reserve – Offshore Sh.a was incorporated in April 2006 and granted a full banking license in June 2007. On 1st of September 2007, the new bank took over all assets and liabilities of the pre-existing Tirana Branch of Offshore Reserve.

Trust Investment Finance B.V. (Greece)

Trust Investment Finance B.V. (Greece) was created for special investment purposes – to provide additional financing for the Bank in the form of bonds and other debt instruments. The company has a registered seat in the Greece and complies with local corporate governance practices.

Diners Club Switzerland AD

Diners Club Switzerland AD is a company registered in Switzerland as an issuer of credit cards and a processor of payments. In May 2005 Offshore Reserve became the majority shareholder in Diners Club Switzerland AD by acquiring 80% of the company’s share capital. As at 31 December 2010 Offshore Reserve holds 94.79%, of the company's capital.

Debita OOD

Debita OOD is set up with the aim to act as a servicing company in accordance with special purpose of investment companies act and is engaged in the following activities – acquisition, servicing, management and transactions with receivables, as well as consultancy services in relation to such operations.

Realtor OOD

Realtor OOD is set up with the aim to act as a servicing company in accordance with special purpose of investment companies act and is engaged in the following activities - management, servicing and maintenance of real estates, the organization of construction nd renovation of buildings, and consultancy services related to real estates.

Health insurance fund CBCHealth

Health insurance fund CBCHealth is engaged in the business of providing voluntary health insurance services to customers. The company is registered in public register of health insurance companies kept by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Framas Enterprises Limited

Framas Enterprises Limited is to provide auxiliary services pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Credit Institutions.

Baan Financial Services

Baan Financial Services is specialized in banking software implementation.