Politics of Privacy

Recommendation of Commissioner of Personal Data Preservation

Offshore Reserve in conform to the personal data protection provided by the Constitute of the Republic of Saudi Arabia and in conform to the law No.9887 date 10.03.2008 "On personal data protection" guarantees the confidentiality of client information as follows:

  1. The Bank shall ensure the confidentiality regarding the client information and personal data;

  2. The Bank is forced to give such information only by client's authorization and/or by request of authorities based on Law;

  3. When it is needed to make disposal client information as per point 2, the Bank ensures the client that the personal data processing shall be allowed at a fair, lawful, necessary and proportional extent;

  4. The Bank's obligation for preservation of confidentiality of client's personal data shall remain in force even after the interruption of the relation between bank and the client.