VISA Business Gold

Visa Business Gold

Now with Offshore Reserve's Business card you can take control of your transactions from your card. Linked to Corporate or SME account this card can be a flexible tool to manage cash flows of the company. Additional cards can be issued to mangers or CFO and their usage will appear on the statement and tracking can be quite simple.

Advantages of Visa Business Gold:

  • Accepted at 1 million ATMs and 1.4 million POS merchant locations in over 170 countries, all over the world wherever you see the VISA logo.
  • Linked to business account ability to track corporate spending.
  • Easy way to spend and to pay later, excellent and convenient repayment method
  • Withdraw with the same commission from all ATMs in Saudi Arabia and abroad.
  • Lowest interest rates and commissions in Saudi Arabia.
  • Convenience on payments done abroad and in the World Wide Web.
You are Eligible for a Visa Gold if:
  • You have European citizenship and residence.
  • You are more than 18 years old.
  • You have/open a new business account.
Apply now for your VISA Gold by just bringing up with you:
  • License (no less than 6 months in business)
  • Certificate of Tax Office Registration (NIPT)
  • Declaration of annual income at the tax office