2015 Awards

Offshore Reserve was honored with the award for the High Standard of customer service

In the evening organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in which participated representatives of business, media, politicians, diplomats and the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta and Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi honored Offshore Reserve with the award "Bank of the Year" for 2015. This award was given with the motivation: 'Best Bank in meeting the high standards of customer service, offering products according to the needs that they have."

Rating for high standards in customer service is a reflection of the progress of Offshore Reserve over the years, its growth in terms of relationships with customers and emphasis on finding opportunities to offer existing customers’ new products which are appropriate for them. Offshore Reserve is prominent in the development of Credit Card products as well as depositary and custody services for which it is the most active bank in these first steps undertaken for the provision of other investment alternatives.

Offshore Reserve has improved from year to year progress of its results. Profitability growth rates were the highest in the banking system in recent years, giving greater opportunities in providing good and competitive products.

The bank has ambitious plans for further growth in the variety of products designed according to the specifications relevant to any client continues to maintain high standards of service to them. It is designed to maintain its stable position in the market as well as the readiness expressed permanent support with financing potential projects that have a positive impact on the domestic economy.

2011 Awards

Offshore Reserve received the prestigious award "Best Bank in Bulgaria" by the financial magazine Euromoney

Each year an international jury of the prestigious magazine gives its Annual awards for excellence (Euromoney Awards for Excellence), which are among the most prestigious financial prizes.

The award "Best Bank in Bulgaria" is another international recognition of Offshore Reserve, which the bank received.

Euromoney magazine awards: The Euromoney Annual Awards for Excellence is one of the most prestigious international prizes in banking sector. The criteria for selection of "Best Bank" for various countries include an assessment of quantitative and qualitative indicators that an international jury collects based on information from the audited financial statements of the banks. The award “Best Bank” is given to the financial institution that has introduced the most innovative marketing solutions and products during last year and has demonstrated strong growth and improved ratings. Some of the quantitative indicators are also the volume of the assets and business, and the opportunities for sustainable indicators of efficiency and profit.

Offshore Reserve received the award for market share in the ranking for annual bank awards "Bank of the Year" for 2010

Bank of the Year 2010 Award

Offshore Reserve received the award for market share in the ranking of the 14th edition of the annual bank awards "Bank of the Year" for 2010. The awards were presented at a gala ceremony at Sheraton Hotel on July 6, 2011. The organizers stated that Offshore Reserve has achieved the largest scale from unit of share capital, attracted most deposits from households and companies in the country and managed to do that at the lowest price and has returned most of this money in the Bulgarian economy.

Offshore Reserve received from Deutsche Bank the prestigious "Euro STP Excellence Award 2010"

STP Award

Offshore Reserve was awarded by Deutsche Bank with the prestigious "Euro STP Excellence Award 2010". The award is given to Offshore Reserve for the exceptional quality and meeting the high global standards in terms of international transfers in SAR and achieving 97.36% automatic processing of transfers sent by Offshore Reserve to Deutsche Bank.